Latihan Pitch Black 2012 dan SU30MK2 TNI AU

SU30MK2 TNI AU Indonesia

SU30MK2 TNI AU Indonesia - akan menyertai latihan Pitch Black 2012 di Australia, antara negara lain yang terlibat adalah Australia, Singapura, Thailand and Amerika Syarikat.

Agak mengejutkan juga apabila Indonesia menyertai latihan tersebut dengan membawa aset terkini mereka bersama, mungkin jika dilihat, ianya ada kaitan dengan kerjasama yang dipersetujui oleh Indonesia berkaitan keselamatan serantau, jadi inilah antara salah satu komitmennya. - MalaysiaDefender 

INDONESIA is sending its front-line Sukhoi jet fighters to take part in Australia's largest air combat exercise later this month, signalling a new era of enhanced defence co-operation.
The Indonesian air force has never given the Australian Defence Force access to the Russian-made aircraft, which were built to compete with the United States' fourth generation jet fighters.
But four of the Sukhoi SU-30s will be flown to the Northern Territory to take part in Exercise Pitch Black 2012, which will include mock combat battles with Australian FA-18s in Australian and Indonesian airspace.
US jet fighters will take part in the exercise, which will run from July 27 to August 17 and will be commanded from Darwin and Tindal air bases.

John Farrell, a military analyst, said the decision to send the Sukhoi fighters to Australia would bring defence co-operation between the ADF and Indonesian military to an unprecedented level.
''Indonesia has never before been prepared to send its primary air defence asset to a foreign nation,'' Mr Farrell, who publishes the Australian & NZ Defender Magazine, said.
''The fact they are sending them to Australia indicates that Canberra and Jakarta have looked up and seen much greater threats around them,'' he said, referring to China and India.

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