Transfer Technology with Avibras - SERT

avibras mlrs

avibras mlrs - Mobile Ammunition Storage AV-DMMC - photo SERT

Avibras Industria Aerospacial also known as Avibras is a Brazilian company which involve in defence industries. For the past years, Avibras had supplied Ministry of Defence Malaysia with one of their latest rocket launching technology, ASTROS II.

System Enhancement Resources & Technologies Sdn Bhd also known as SERT is officially nominated to be the recipient of the Transfer of Technology (TOT) to Manufacture Mobile Ammunition Storage AV-DMMC for the Multiple Launch Rocket System – Artillery Saturation Rocket System II (MLRS ASTROS II). Earlier this year, Avibras and SERT collaborated in the assembly process of 13 units Mobile Avibras Ammunition Storage with Cooling Unit (AV-DMMC) to be used by Malaysian Army. This technology transfer has marked the first step in collaboration between Avibras and SERT. - sumber SERT

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